About Shelby (she/her)

Shelby is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Mycologist, Aromatherapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Reiki Master. Shelby utilizes this cumulative healing knowledge to create Natural, Organic, Small-Batch Aromatherapy products to enjoy during your massage session.

Shelby makes it her mission is to provide clients with a safe, professional and therapeutic session; while relaxing and empowering the mind, body, spirit thus creating a deeper connection to Self. One must first relax before they can truly start to heal.

In Shelby's spare time, she enjoys spending time on the Pacific North West beaches, gardening, reading, drinking tea, spends time caring for her animals (dog, cat, chickens, and rabbits), and playing her little Celtic harp. 

Spa Massage Session

-Foot Bath (fully clothed), with reflexology techniques

-Body Scrub

-Hot Towels Wraps


-Full Body Massage

-Face Care Ritual: cleanser, clay mask, cucumber eyes, radiating oil, and massage


Flower Essences & Massage Cupping

Revive your self with a full body wellness massage. This includes a focus area while using massage cupping techniques, and flower essences infused into the massage cream. 

During this session we get to address the whole body with massage, focus area with massage cupping, and relax the mind and emotions with an empowering flower essence cream. 

Bodywork is a wonderful way to release stress, reduce muscle aches, and helps create body awareness. 


This is a Aromatherapy Spa Massage business, please expect to be gently intoxicated with soothing aromatic smells that transform ones chaotic mind to a calm, balanced mind. Shelby has a dog and a cat, so if you need to take an allergy pill (or stinging nettle tea) before you arrive, please do so. 

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