Anointing Oil

What is an anointing oil?

Anointing oils are mostly used as a magical tool, although they can also be used as a topical fragrance as well. They can increase a person's intention; may that be Abundance, Self Love, Grounding, etc. At Selkie Botanicals they contain herbs, stones, essential oils, flower essences, extracts, and they are infused with Reiki and Empowerment energies from the Selkie Alter.

How to use it?

Abundance Anointing Oil can be use to anoint palms of hands, wallet, and/or forehead. Hands, for whatever that person touches becomes abundant. Wallet, for attracting more money. Forehead, for thinking outside of the box, and expanding ideas. Firstly, abundance could mean many things such as: abundance of health, abundance of riches and wealth, abundance of get the idea! The point is, be sure to set an intention before using the anointing oil so the proper energies come present. If perhaps there is a place/object/body part that is calling out to be anointed or some instinct kicks in; go for it!

Self Love Anointing Oil can be used externally rolled over the chest where the heart is located, rub gently with intentions such as: love, compassion, empowerment, self-worth, and/or understanding. After anointing the chest, lay on the either a bed, floor, ground of the earth, place hands over heart center and explore the feelings of loving empowerment toward the Self. Lay and meditate for 5-10 breaths or as long as you so choose.

Another fun way to increase healing of a bruise, cut, headache, even a broken bone, heck you name it...! It can't hurt to use the roller as a Self Love Healing Wand by drawing a little, or big, heart around that area of the body that needs extra attention of Self Love. <3 <3 <3

What do Anointing Oils smell like?

Abundance Anointing Oil has a warming aroma due to the cinnamon, clove, black pepper, and rosemary essential oils, yet it also has a mildly sweet note from the helichrysum essential oils as well. Let it arouse and awaken the fire and motivation within to create Abundance.

Self Love Anointing Oil smells sweet and earthy. With intoxicating scents of sandalwood and patchouli, along with tangy notes of basil and cardamon help you slip into a state of splendid love and Self empowerment.

***Disclaimer: This is not approved by the FDA, this is for energetic purposes only. Seek advice from your doctor for any medical issues. These Anointing Oils are for external use only.

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