Cedar Hydrosol


Description: Cedar is known for it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is warming and a lovely reminder of the outdoors. A hydrosol can also known as flower water, it is the water-soluble components of a plant. Hydrosols have the same similar properties as essential oils although hydrosols are more mild and can be used more freely with pets and children (still use caution).


Uses: mist body and/or face to cool off or for a quick grounding aromatic spritz, it’s a great natural cleaning product, wonderful for foot soaks, and baths.


Common Name: Red Western Cedar


Latin Name: Thuja plicata


Family Name: Cupressaceae


Plant Parts Distilled: Leaves and stems


Extraction Method: Copper Ambelic Still Hydro Distilled, by Selkie Botanicals


Orgin: Washington (USA)


Cultivation: Wildcrafted, by Selkie Botanicals


Aroma: Cedar has a sweet aroma with earthy tones.


Size: 4 oz

Cedar - Hydrosol (4oz)