Antique Crystal Bath Shaker


This antique salt and pepper shakers have been upcycled into a bath shaker; filled with infused oils, hydrosols, and essential oils. Create a ritual with your bath time by adding a few shakes from these antique bath bottles, let the aromas rise and oils sink in as you become balanced inside and out. 


Hydrosols were distilled in Selkie Botanical's garden, and rosemary was grown at the Selkie garden, essential oils are organic and locally sourced. 


In the photo you can see the recycled rubber band and natural wax paper around the top, this is meant to avoid leakage during shipping. When you recieve your bath shaker from the post, simply upscrew the cap and set aside, then remove the rubber band and wax paper (toss), and then put the cap back on and enjoy!

Ingredients: Eucalyptus hydrosol, rosemary olive oil, peppermint EO, lavender EO, and sage EO. 


Size: .3 oz

Antique Crystal Bath Shaker