VEGAN Rose-Geranium Face Lotion


Description: This thick base glass jar contains nourishing Face Lotion that hydrates and restores youth to skin. Carrot seed oil is a natural sunscreen and one of the ingrediends in this product. Other healing ingredients include: frankincense for anti-wrinkle properties, geranium and rose hips for reducing acne, and lavener and chamomile for soothing any irritations. 


Aroma: Sweet, foral, and earthy. 


Ingredients: carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil infused with geranium leaves, rose hips, plaintain leaves, canelilla wax, lavender hydrosol, aloe gelly, and essential oils (lavender, frankinscense, roman chamomile, cypress, and geranium). 


Size: 1 oz

VEGAN Rose-Geranium Face Lotion